Blue Heron Bridge Artificial Reef Open To Divers

Update on the New Artificial Reef at Blue Heron Bridge / Phil Foster Park

Construction work on the new artificial reef near Blue Heron Bridge at Phil Foster Park was completed on August 10th and the reef is open for SCUBA divers. John Wildner of the Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department says, “We’re just waiting for the critters.” There are plenty of them in that area. That is why Blue Heron Bridge has become a “world class” dive site where SCUBA divers can experience an amazing array of aquatic life. The new artificial reef will provide more habitat to enhance the experience.

A dedication ceremony has been planned for October of this year and preparations are underway to make it a fun event. A date has yet to be announced but information can be found on the Palm Beach County Environmental Resources Management website as it comes available. It will also be posted on the Florida Dive Connection Calendar.

The new artificial reef known as the Phil Foster Park Artificial Reef and Snorkel Trail has been constructed in an area on the east side of Blue Heron Bridge and south of the causeway, allowing easy access for divers from Phil Foster Park. It was built using a combination of natural boulders and artificial reef modules to provide new habitat for a wide range of marine life. It promises to be a wonderful location for macro-photography.

Blue Heron Bridge has become a very popular shore diving site. Shallow depths (under 20 feet) allow for long dives and an abundance of life makes it interesting. In addition to the numerous tropical fish, lucky divers often see octopus, seahorses, and eagle rays. Admission is free and there is plenty of parking at the beautiful Phil Foster Park. Because of strong currents during the tide changes you must plan your dive to enter the water just at high tide and end your dive before the tide begins to recede.  Night diving is allowed under a special permit issued by the County of Palm Beach. Contact local dive shops for information.

Blue Heron Bridge is a dive not to miss when visiting South Florida. The new artificial reef promises to add to the experience. Bring your camera and take home some memories.

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