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Vanishing Access to Emergency Hyperbarics

Vanishing Access to Emergency Hyperbarics by Bill Lester, AEMT, DMT It’s something most divers take for granted. But you may have a harder time getting there than ever before. Your dive instructor, your certifying agency, and DAN (Divers Alert Network) have been preaching for years that if you think you might be suffering from DCS/DCI, [...]

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Do you take cave diving too seriously?

My friend, Rich Courtney is one heck of a cave diver, an OK instructor   and an all around great guy to know. After my most recent dive with Rich I got out of the water and couldn’t quit smiling. He wrote this back in September of 2004 and gave me permission to post it [...]

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Plan Your Dive and Dive Your Plan

The Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of SCUBA Diving In our first SCUBA diving class we were introduced to dive planning and taught to use our tables to calculate the no-decompression limits and avoid decompression sickness. We learned to determine in advance our maximum depth, bottom time, entry and exit points, and equipment [...]

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Let Me Introduce You to Roy G. Biv

Important Knowledge for SCUBA Divers About how Light is Absorbed by Water Our old friend Roy G. Biv is a stranger to many but is quite well known by photographers, artists, scientists, and anybody involved in working with light and color. Roy G. Biv is an acronym that allows us to easily remember the colors [...]

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The DIN Valve for SCUBA Divers

“Everything you ever wanted to know about tank valves but were afraid to ask.” Most SCUBA divers are quite familiar with the lowly “K-Valve” that works with the yoke fitting on most regulators. It is the standard on the “aluminum 80” that the majority of us learned to dive with and that inhabits tank racks [...]

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Become a Better SCUBA Diver with a Cavern Class

Enjoy Your Diving More With Improved Skills So you got your Openwater certification and after you had a few dives under your belt moved on to take the Advanced Openwater course. You learned new skills and were given a C-Card that said you were qualified to go a little deeper and were proficient in a [...]

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Sidemount Diving Video from Jeff Loflin and Jill Heinerth

Two Florida divers, Jeff Loflin and Jill Heinerth, who are among the most well known and respected instructors in the world collaborated to create this video explaining Sidemount Diving. The Sidemount Diving Video answers many questions about this SCUBA Diving configuration and these two top instructors share tips, tricks, and techniques. If you are curious about [...]

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A Deceptively Easy Way To Die Should Be Watched By Every New Diver

This NSS-CDS video should be included in every openwater diver class. It was released several years ago and it’s a good idea for all divers to watch it. It graphically illustrates the dangers of venturing into caves without the proper training and equipment. For more information please read

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XS Scuba Recalls Miflex High Pressure Hoses

WASHINGTON, April 19, 2012 The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with XS Scuba, Inc. of Santa Ana, California announced a voluntary recall of Miflex High Pressure Scuba Diving Hoses. The hoses are manufactured by Miflex 2, Villasanta, Italy and approximately 17,000 units have been distributed. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless [...]

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A Dive is a Terrible Thing to Waste

The Importance of a Complete Save-A-Dive Kit During your Openwater class your instructor likely mentioned, or maybe even stressed the importance of, a seemingly magical and possibly random collection of extra gear we lovingly refer to as the “Save-A-Dive Kit.” It is likely you noted this suggestion, along with the numerous other bits of knowledge [...]

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