Diving In And Around North And Central Florida

This landlocked area of the state has contributed more diving knowledge and innovations to our sport than just about any area of the country. The little town of Branford is known as the “Cave Diving Capital of the World” and many of the pioneers of cave diving hailed from this section of Florida.

Today north central Florida is a primary destination for cave diving enthusiasts from all over the world. Innovations in equipment and techniques for all types of technical diving have been perfected in the North Florida springs. Major cave diving training agencies and technical dive equipment manufacturers are based in the area as well. All this is for good reason. The underground limestone has miles of “Karst” cave formations where cool crystal clear water flows from the Floridan Aquifer through numerous springs into scenic rivers and streams. These fresh water oases are popular destinations for water enthusiasts ranging from snorkelers to the most advanced cave divers. The springs are very popular year-round training sites for all levels of divers and the area is home to many fine dive centers, instructors, and managed dive facilities.