Florida Dive Connection Facebook Cover Photo Contest

Help us find the perfect Facebook cover photo for Florida Dive Connection.

We all love Florida Diving and we think that some photographer among us must have a perfect picture that represents Florida Diving. We want you to share it with us and the world.

Announcing the first Florida Dive Connection Facebook Cover Photo Contest where you can win a free full membership to keep or give to a friend. A $37.00 value, but fame is worth more.

Beginning today we are asking for subscribers and Insiders to submit photos to be considered for our Facebook Page Cover Photo.The contest lasts a month and the winner will be picked at 7:00pm Eastern Time on May 16, 2012. The winning photo submission will be used as the Florida Dive Connection Facebook Cover Photo and the winning photographer will become world famous (maybe).

Entering is free and very simple. Just visit our new and improved streamlined sign up page

and become a member. Then after you look around the site for a while, navigate over to the Buddy Connection dropdown and click on Sitewide Social Activity Under “What’s New” type Facebook Cover Photo Contest then click on the camera icon to upload your photo.

Next, tell all your friends and get them to click the like button under the picture. The photo with the most “likes” wins.  It’s that simple! The winner will be upgraded to a full membership or they can upgrade a friend of their choice. The winning picture will represent Florida Dive Connection on our Facebook page and we will tell the world who took it, perhaps making another photographer famous.

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