Keeping You Connected When and Wherever You Dive

Florida Dive Connection is your connection to diving discounts in Florida 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter where you are, and no matter what time it is, you will always have your connection to deep diving discounts.

Take Mark for instance. He wants to do some diving in one of the many excellent springs in North Florida. He fires up his computer or smart phone, logs into his Florida Dive Connection account and finds a hefty discount for a great spring in North Florida. He wants to stay the night, so he finds some great hotel accommodations that also come with a discount. There are also several restaurants that are close to his hotel where he can also get a discount.

He is connected.

He enjoys his day diving at the spring, and comes back to his hotel room to unwind, but he has a thought.

“I wonder if I can find a great place on the coast to dive tomorrow?”

He turns on his laptop, logs into his Florida Dive Connection account and finds an excellent Dive boat that can take him offshore tomorrow to do some wreck diving, and of course, he gets a discount on the trip.

He is always connected.

Richard has a completely different situation. He has the week off, and he wants to get some time in diving his favorite cave in North Florida. He logs into his Florida Dive Connection Account, and finds an excellent discount for filling his tanks. He also finds a great discount on a hotel room. He spends a good part of the day enjoying his dive. When he gets back to his hotel room his girlfriend calls him and she says,

“Hey, do you think we can go diving in The Keys in the next couple of days?”

Richard logs into his Florida Dive Connection account and uses the powerful social connection features to send a direct message to some friends in The Keys. In his message he says:

“Hey this is Richard. I was thinking about diving in The Keys this weekend. What are the conditions like?”

His friend responds and says,

“The water could not be better. Come on down.”

Richard finds a great deal on some diving adventures in The Keys. He also finds an excellent discount on a room using his Florida Dive Connection account. He tells his girlfriend,

“Everything is taken care of. I will pick you up tomorrow morning, and we can dive The Keys.”

Richard is connected.

Where do you want to dive next? With Florida Dive Connection, you are always connected to the best possible deals that will not only save you money, but they will also save you valuable time. Florida Dive Connection Keeps You Connected Wherever You Dive.