Frequently Asked Questions

We realize that you may have a question or two about how this web site operates. We have done our best to answer the most frequently asked questions. Before you contact us, make sure that you read through this F.A.Q. If you still can’t find the answer to your question, then you can contact us here.

What will I learn?

In order of importance

  • Good dive sites, boats, shops, and services in Florida
  • Diving opportunities in Florida
  • Tips to improve diving skills
  • Diving news

What does Florida Dive Connection sell?

Access to insider discounts, services, and information. We do the homework and make the connections for you.

What is the guarantee?

30 day money back guarantee. Can only be used once. If a member pays and asks for a refund then becomes a member again they will not be granted a second refund.

What exactly will I get?

All visitors can view the news area, calendar, pictures, blogs, forum posts, personals, and links to business members. Paid members can submit (subject to approval) news items, calendar events, pictures, blog posts, personal ads, and have access to insider discounts offered by business members. Discounts and offers are substantial and will quickly exceed the cost of the membership- usually in the first dive outing.

What are the benefits of Florida Dive Connection?

Insider information and insider connections and discounts usually only available to dive professionals.

What name will appear on my credit card?

Florida Dive Connection LLC

Who is Florida Dive Connection for?

All persons are eligible, however many of the offers will require the member to provide proof of SCUBA certification. This proof will be the requirement of the participating business member and is not the responsibility of FDC.

Who is behind Florida Dive Connection?

A small group of genetically altered monkeys. Just kidding of course.

Florida Dive Connection was Founded by a Florida native and avid diver with years of experience and numerous certifications and backed up by a team of equally avid divers with experience and training to match. This is enhanced by experienced web professionals with a proven track record.

Where can I use my membership?

At any of the business members associated with the website provided the member meets the conditions of the offer as agreed to on the website.

Where can I get a membership?

Generally memberships can be created online at Florida Dive Connection at any time. Click here to sign up today. Florida Dive Connection representatives will be in attendance at various dive shows and events and will accept memberships at these events.

When do I get my membership?

Memberships become active as soon as the registration and payment is completed.

When can I start saving money?

As soon as the membership is active.

Why did you make this site?

As an avid diver it took years to develop knowledge and contacts to make my diving experiences more enjoyable and more affordable. I had the time to devote to the effort but I understand not all divers can do that. This is a website for people who take diving seriously but it is also for divers who are serious about diving but have to approach it more casually. Over the years the common goal I’ve seen from the good dive professionals is to “keep the divers diving.” The goal of this website is to do just that.

Why should I become a member?

  • To save money- your membership fee will be returned in savings usually on your first dive outing
  • To stay informed about diving news and events in Florida
  • To meet other divers and make connections with your photos and opinions
  • To learn and become a better more informed diver

Why is it worth the price?

The cost of membership is in the same range as memberships in many dive organizations that do not offer any return but association with their organization. This membership provides access to a broad range of topics and information and gives the member valuable discounts and offers that far exceed the cost of the membership. It is truly an investment rather than a membership. A member who is an active diver should realize ten times the cost of membership or more in savings each year.

How does the membership work?

The member can visit the online Florida map page and select a region of interest. All business members in that region will have links to their websites and information about their respective discounts and offers. The member selects the offer or offers of interest and an email confirmation is sent from Florida Dive Connection . This is a uniquely numbered and time sensitive confirmation that must be presented to the business member when the member makes the purchase with the Florida Dive Connection business member. In many cases an advance reservation must be made with the business member and the offer or discount must be confirmed at this time.

How often are there updates?

Florida Dive Connection is constantly evolving and changing to bring you the absolute best benefits. Most of the updates are small and take place behind the scenes. Any extremely important updates such as: new benefits, special events, etc. will be announced through Florida Dive Connection.

How long is my membership for?

It is an annual membership that will renew automatically every year unless canceled.

How do I Cancel my membership?

Canceling your membership is easy. In order to cancel your membership with Florida Dive Connection visit this link.