Make the Connection to Increase Your Business

Welcome! If you are viewing this page you have been invited to become a business member of Florida Dive Connection. We sincerely thank you for your interest and hope to have you as part of our family of “insiders.” This page was designed to provide information on the benefits of joining our site and to help guide you through the steps to get your business listed. Please take a moment to review the material provided here.

This Business Fact Sheet in a PDF file will outline some of the benefits of being a part of our website. Please look it over and contact- directly with any questions.

The first step is to join Florida Dive Connection as a basic free member. Just click this link to create a membership. Once we see your membership on the site you will be upgraded to a full Insider Membership and will have access to all areas of the Florida Dive Connection website. It will be helpful for you to browse the discounts being offered by other business members to see what they look like and to see the kind of information we need from you.

Our business members are linked on the interactive maps and can be accessed be any visitor to our website, even non-members. A click on your icon brings up a pop-up window displaying your business name, your phone number, and a link directly to your website. The “get discount” link leads to a special page accessible only to our Insider members. It is here that our full Insider Members will see your discount information. We create this page with your logo, photos, and a brief description of your business designed to entice them to become a customer.

In order to create your unique “get discount” page we need your business logo, 3-4 pictures representing your business, and a description of your business that is approximately 200 words. You can provide it or we can write it. We ask that it is specifically written for our site and not just copied from another website so that the information is somewhat unique to our site.

The next step is to complete the Business Member Information Form. This is a PDF form file that can be completed on your computer. You can then email the data to us or print it and fax it back. It can also be printed to fill out by hand.

Once we receive the above information we will complete your post within 7 days and send you a link by email so you can review it and begin getting traffic through our website. Remember we can make changes quickly. This allows you to update your business information or change your offer periodically.

One important consideration is to inform your staff that your business is a Florida Dive Connection member and make them aware of your offer to our members. Be sure to remind them that the individual members must know and specifically ask for your discount to prevent non-members from just asking for the FDC discount. We have created the special membership sticker at the top of this page for you to display and let people know your business is a member of Florida Dive Connection.

Our members will know what your specific discount is and can confirm their membership in several ways. First, each of our discounts has a printable coupon that looks like this:

The member can also confirm their membership using a smartphone by showing the coupon or their membership information. Finally, you or an employee can log onto our site using the account you created and verify the membership. It’s important for you and us that only our Insider Members be given the special discounts.

Florida Dive Connection was designed to be a forum for all things diving in Florida. We actively seek Florida diving news and events to report on the site. We’re out there writing articles all the time but we want our members to participate as well. Members can submit photos, calendar events, news articles, “Insider Advice,” and other writings for the site. We will showcase them, add links to your website, and promote them on our social media accounts. Search engines find these unique posts often and they are a great way to advertise your business. Our traffic statistics indicate that events, photos, and articles bring people from all over the world to our site and we see a lot of downloads of the information. This is a great way to promote your business and your contributions can be very valuable to you.

Our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts are valuable tools to drive traffic to our website and to the websites of our business members. We search for and “like” the pages of all our members and share your posts on our page. We invite you to do the same. We add our own videos to our YouTube account but also seek out other videos. We’ll be happy to imbed or link your videos on the site or even post them on our YouTube account.

As you can see, our goal at Florida Dive Connection is to be an all around marketing tool for our business members. The networking possibilities are numerous and we have made a commitment to giving our business members the most value for their participation. We invite you to be part of our exciting project and let us bring new customers your way!

Thanks again,

Richard Black and the Florida Dive Connection Team