Man in the Sea Museum

Man in the Sea Museum

17314 Panama City Beach Parkway
Panama City Beach, FL 32413
(850) 235-4101

The Man in the Sea Museum is a unique museum featuring one-of-a-kind dive artifacts and exhibits in Panama City Beach, Florida.

The museum features a large collection of rare diving equipment that tells the fascinating history of underwater explorations and discovery. The museum is also home to SEALAB 1, the world’s first working underwater habitat. SEALAB 1 was developed, built, and tested in Panama City Beach, by the U.S. Navy in the 1960’s. The SEALAB 1 Project proved the viability of saturation diving and provided a wealth of knowledge that allowed for dramatic advances in the commercial diving industry worldwide.

In 1977 a group of divers from the U.S. Navy SEALAB Project and individuals from commercial, scientific, educational, medical, and recreational diving fields established the Institute of Diving. One of the founders of the Institute of Diving was Dr. George Bond, who was known as “the father of saturation diving.” He and the other members of the Institute of Diving founded the Man in the Sea Museum in 1982.

The goal of the Man in the Sea Museum was and still is to maintain a public museum that collects, preserves and displays historical artifacts and records on the SEALAB Projects, to develop and promote scientific knowledge of our underwater environments, to provide a library and resource information center associated with diving, and to provide individuals with the opportunity to become members and get involved with others that are dedicated to preserving the rich history of diving and the exciting future of diving and underwater advancements.

Please visit us on the web at Man in the Sea Museum


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