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    Rescue of Cave Diver at Jackson Blue Spring in Marianna, Florida on October 15th

    Another cave diver was successfully rescued by Edd Sorensen from the cave at Jackson Blue on Monday October 15th 2012. We have been in touch with Edd and his crew and are writing the complete story which will be posted soon. There have been brief news articles and speculation on the boards so we are posting a brief description of the even in an effort to clear up some of the confusion.

    Up until this year there have only been 3 people ever rescued after being lost in a cave. Edd Sorensen has rescued 4 this year. This is an incredible accomplishment by an incredible diver.

    A team of four divers comprised of two back mount divers and two sidemount divers entered Jackson Blue with a dive plan that called for them to take the first jump to the left. Two of these divers had experience in this particular cave but for some reason they missed the first jump and instead made the second jump into a “sidemount” recommended passage. The lead diver was in back mount, was full cave certified, and was experienced. He deployed a jump reel and tied off to the line at a place near where it was attached to a rock and made a 90 degree turn. As he proceeded forward it became apparent that the cave was narrowing and he realized they were in the wrong place. He turned the dive. In the process of turning in the narrow passage the divers managed to silt out the cave. Three of the divers made their way out but the fourth diver became lost. The three made their way to the surface and called upon Cave Adventurers for help. Edd Sorensen and Frank Gonzalez raced to their assistance and had Edd in the water very quickly. He followed the silt trail and found the lost diver who had completely exhausted his breathing gas and was surviving by breathing gas in pockets at the top of the cave. After some effort Edd was able to lead the rescued diver to safety where he completed his required decompression and exited the water unharmed. It is reported that he is fine and in good spirits.

    We offer our congratulations to Edd and Frank for their efforts. Thank You