National Navy UDT-SEAL Team Museum

National Navy UDT-Seal Team Museum

Birthplace of the Navy Frogman

The only museum in the world dedicated exclusively to the elite warriors of Naval Special Warfare.

3300 N. Hwy. A1A
Ft. Pierce, Florida 34949
(772) 595-5845

There is an amazing piece of history at a spot on Florida’s Treasure Coast. The National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum is located on Highway A1A in Ft. Pierce. The museum was dedicated in November of 1985 and since then a fantastic stream of history and artifacts has returned “home” to Ft. Pierce. Here visitors can discover and experience the intrigue and stealth of America’s most extraordinary fighting men.

This location in the “Sunshine State” is very significant because during World War II the United States Military recognized the value of Florida as a training area. With year-round sunshine, clear skies, and beautiful water all branches of the services established training bases here and “special operations” units came as well.

The Naval Special Warfare operators of today trace their origins to the Scouts and Raiders, Naval Combat Demolition Units, Office of Strategic Services Operational Swimmers, Underwater Demolition Teams, and Motor Torpedo Boat Squadrons of World War II. The base and hub for these forces was established near Virginia Beach, VA at the Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek where it remains to this day.

In 1942 plans for the massive invasion of Europe across the English Channel we all know as “D-Day” had begun. The German military was heavily fortifying the Normandy coast and our intelligence showed they were constructing extensive underwater obstacles on the beaches to prevent a landing. On 7 May 1943, LCDR Draper L. Kauffman, “The Father of Naval Combat Demolition,” was directed to set up a school and train commandos to eliminate obstacles on an enemy-held beach prior to an invasion.

On 6 June 1943, LCDR Kaufmann established Naval Combat Demolition Unit training at Ft. Pierce where training began for the assault on Normandy. Today the ground upon which the National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum rests in Fort Pierce, Florida is recognized as the birthplace of the U. S. Navy Frogmen. From 1943 to 1946, thousands of brave volunteers were trained as members of Naval Combat Demolition Units and Underwater Demolition Teams. The World War II Frogmen have evolved into the most elite fighting force in the world, the U. S. Navy SEALs. The Mission of the Museum is to preserve the legacy and history of these “Teams”.


 Please visit the National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum Website for more information.

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