Reward Offered for Missing GoPro Camera that Filmed Sinking of US Coast Guard Cutter Mohawk

Here is a great reason to plan a dive on the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Mohawk. A GoPro camera mounted in the engine room to film the sinking has not been recovered and Reefmakers, the company in charge of sinking the ship is offering a reward.

There were six cameras mounted in various locations on the Mohawk and they filmed the sinking from different angles. Footage from these cameras has been released and is available on the internet and in the news.

The force of the blast and the rushing water dislodged two of the cameras as the ship sank. The first camera, still in its protective housing, was immediately recovered from the sand near the ship. The blast had broken it loose from where the housing had been welded to the Mohawk. The last one, mounted in the engine room, has not been found.

The mounting location of the missing camera means that the video shot by it will be particularly interesting, so Reefmakers and Lee County Environmental Specialist Mike Campbell are doing their best to recover it. Mike Campbell says, “This camera was filming the inside of the engine room and the blast location.” He went on to say that the camera was mounted inside a protective metal container but the blast apparently dislodged it from the container. The container is still in place but the camera is gone.

Reefmakers is offering a reward for the missing camera and its video. If the camera is found and the video it shot is recovered the reward is $300.00 or a new GoPro camera. If the camera is found but the video is not recoverable the finder is entitled to a $200.00 reward. The video the camera filmed as the ship was sinking is their main concern and they would like to have it.

The camera is possibly still in the engine room or it could have floated off. The team is hoping some vigilant diver will see it and claim the reward.

If the reward is not enough enticement, Mike Campbell says they’re getting reports that the wreck is really attracting fish. He said, “Divers saw five huge Goliath Groupers on it yesterday,” July 12th.

If you find the camera, go to Lee Reefs Website, click on ‘Contact Us’ and fill out the form to claim your prize.

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