The Insider’s Connection

Every diving destination has its diving insiders. These are experienced divers who know their way around the local dive sites and have made connections at the local dive operations.

    • They are connected.
    • They have insider information.
    • They know the good GREAT places to dive.
    • They know how to get the best deals.

We have all been taught that sharing is the right thing to do, but some of these seasoned scuba divers don’t always want to share their hard earned local knowledge, but is here to change all of that.

Go On A Diving Adventure!
A few good tips from someone in the know can greatly improve the diving experience for a newcomer. Whether it be the current diving conditions, a great local diving spot, an excellent deal on a diving package, some technical advice, gear recommendations, a beautiful deal on room and board, or even exceptional deals on some good local cuisine.  The whole idea of scuba diving is to have fun and experience a world that most people only see on television, and having all of this insider information ensures that no matter when or where you dive, it will be an adventure that you will never forget.

Become Connected To Savings and Insider Information!
Many dive retailers, dive boats, resorts, and other dive related operations often have “special deals” that are reserved for their best customers.   As you can probably guess, these deals are only passed on to the experienced divers in the area. Becoming a member of ensures that these “special deals” are passed onto you, so you can enjoy all of the benefits just like a seasoned pro.

Founded By Divers
Florida Dive Connection was founded by avid divers who know the value of these connections. Becoming a member grants you exclusive access to all of this extremely valuable information, discounts, and connections.

Our goal is to help divers from all over the world become connected to all of the great diving that only Florida has to offer, and enjoy the exciting diving opportunities exactly like a local.