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Not only is Florida Dive Connection a wealth of information and a treasure trove of savings and discounts, but it is also a huge network of divers that share one common interest, a passion for scuba diving. You will be able to easily find other Florida Dive Connection members that share similar interests, and make a connection. See what other divers are up to, and share your favorite dive spots and stories with your fellow members. No more wondering what a condition may be like in a particular area. Talk with other members from that area and find out what the conditions are like before you take the plunge. Are you a novice diver looking for some expert advice from someone who has logged a lot of dive time? Connect with seasoned divers who know the ins and outs of scuba diving. They have been there and done that, and their advice and contributions are all part of the community at Florida Dive Connection. As our community grows, so does your own private network of divers, but only if you are a fully registered member. What are you waiting for? Make the connection today.

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