Wakulla Spring Will Not Be Opened To Recreational Cave Divers

Decision Made- Wakulla Spring Access Denied

Florida Park Service Director Donald Forgione has announced the state’s decision in the ongoing controversy over allowing recreational cave diving at Wakulla Spring. The policy prohibiting recreational cave diving instituted 26 years ago will continue. The decision was made public Tuesday, September 4, 2012 in an interview with a Tallahassee newspaper reporter.

Under pressure from private groups and individuals to open Wakulla Spring to qualified recreational cave divers, the Florida Park Service agreed to study the issue and consider opening the spring to divers. Input was received from numerous sources including a public forum held earlier this year. With input from the diving community, researchers, scientists, and the general public, the park service felt that there was a “thorough vetting,” and Mr. Forgione stated “I don’t’ believe we will be addressing this again anytime soon.”

There is strong opinion on both sides of this issue with advocates of the current policy applauding the decision and diver’s groups vowing to take the matter to the legal system.


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